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I not only believe in the power of yogic practices, I live them. I know first hand that each and every one of us is stronger than we allow ourselves to be. We all have an innate desire for balance in the body, mind and spirit.


I am asked often how I am able to deal with “hard stuff,” how I look so young for my age and how I seem to always find the gift in every moment in life. I always say, “Thank god I’m a yogi!” That is my secret.


I help people, through the use of yogic techniques, to tap into their own ability to realize their goals. There is discipline, awareness, reflection & work involved. However, once you get a taste of a greater sense of peace & wellbeing, joy, strength & willpower…. It doesn’t really feel like work anymore. It just feels worth it!


I strive to make a deep and in many respects a complicated system of techniques, easy to understand and practical to use! Making what I have studied for 25 years, into a tailored system for each individual. My customized toolbox is yours! My goal is to counsel, but ultimately for people to walk away feeling empowered.


These techniques include: Yoga/Exercise, Breath work, Relaxation techniques, Diet/Nutrition, Positive thinking & Meditation. What is even more important is the balance of all of these within lifestyle.


You would be amazed how many aspects of life can come into focus, or even resolve, through small techniques & increased awareness. Sometimes we feel trapped, stifled, unable or “blocked.” The truth is our hopes and goals inside and out are easier to reach than we think. When we are equipped with powerful tools, like willingness to change, a shift in perspective, learning how to hear ourselves…. All of a sudden all of that work we are already doing becomes focussed and fruitful!


Always enjoy your journey!

Please let me know if I can assist you on your path.

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About Cathleen Elliott Amala

500hr RYT  •  Certified Meditation Teacher
Yoga Alliance • Ananda School of Meditation and Yoga, Nevada City, CA

500hr  DYRT, Teacher of Dharma Yoga in the levels of II & III

Sri Dharma Mittra, Dharma Yoga Center, NY, NY

Current IAYT, 860hr. student, International Accreditation of Yoga
Ananda School of Meditation and Yoga, Nevada City, CA

Current Reiki Student, levels I & II

I am a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda and a Kriyaban. My spiritual name is Amala. The name was given to me by Swami Kriyananda, direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda.


I will always be a student of yoga. Feeling ever-grateful for what my teachers have given me. I will continue to teach everything I have learned and practice what I teach. So everyone who is interested can learn the powerful life-balancing practices of yoga.

I am also an artist and book designer. I have practiced physical yoga for over 20 years and I have had a meditation practice for over 10 years. 

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“My practice never begins or ends.

Everything I choose in life, is my practice.

When I stand up from my mat, the work does not end.

I don’t distinguish one practice, from another.

I give all of it, my all... All of it, is my life.” 



AUM space
Westchester, NY

Tel: 917-517-7069


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